How Does CCTV Camera Works and What are the Con’s & Pro’s of CCTV

How CCTV Camera Works

CCTV camera installation optics representation

Firstly, the light falling on the surface or an object is reflected back to the camera. Higher the lens capacity (megapixel), more information the light carries.

The camera lens absorbs the light signals and sends it to the image sensor present in the camera. This image sensor converts light signals to electrical signals (Analog signals) and carries it to DVR/NVR.

In analog cameras, the analog signal is processed by an analog signal processor (ASP) present in DVR and the generated video is stored in DVR’s Internal/External Hard disk drive.

In Digital cameras (IP cameras), the analog signal is converted to a digital signal by ADC converter and the generated digital signal is processed by the digital signal processor (DSP).

NVR processes video data in the camera itself. Processed video is transmitted to NVR for storing and viewing.

DVR/NVR is connected with the monitor to view recorded video directly.
They can also be connected with Router & Modem for remote viewing.

cctv installation technique flowchart of our company

Disadvantages & Precautions

1. Can be vandalized

Criminals can damage camera in various ways such as covering it with black cloth, sticking gums, spraying something on the lens or just by simply disconnecting the connections.
Precaution: Selecting a good wiring method, camera position & camera type.
(All our CCTV installations in Dubai are done with utmost care. Considering this our technicians will get the best surveillance set up for you)

2. Can be hacked

Things meant for safety are no longer safe, do you know. Hackers can hijack connections to devices IP addresses. Be it Analog or IP camera, data isn’t safe from intruders.
Precaution: Avoid wireless IP cameras and don’t take advantage of remote CCTV monitoring in Analog & IP cameras. Got questions? Our CCTV Installation company in Dubai is always ready to help you in this regard.

3. Disturbs your privacy

All your crazy activities are recorded. You’ll be conscious about CCTV and try to avoid being yourself.
Precaution: You can switch them off, which is not recommended

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