Best CCTV Installation Service In UAE

dome cctv camera

Dome CCTV Camera

The camera gets its name because of its dome-shaped design. The dome shape makes it difficult to find out which direction the camera is pointing. This tricks the offenders from carrying any bad activities.
Some dome cameras are integrated with Infrared LED’s to get better footage at low lights.

Benefits of DOME CCTV installation

  • Provides 360-degree layout view
  • Endurance towards damage, easy to install & cost-effective
  • Installed in retail shops and office cabins
cctv day night camera

Day/Night CCTV camera

Day and Night cameras are built to cope with varying light conditions; they don’t need IR illuminators to operate in dark.
Their extra sensitive imaging clips help capture videos in glare, direct sunlight, reflection and in poor lights.

Benefits of Day/Night CCTV installation

  • Used outdoors in low lit areas requiring 24/7 surveillance
    Ex: Manufacturing industry outdoors
cctv mount camera

C-mount CCTV Camera

The c-mount camera comes with a detachable lens to serve different needs. Built just like a bullet camera it additionally allows you to use special lenses for covering distance beyond 40ft.
You can use the varifocal lens to get extra benefits.

Benefits of C-mount CCTV installation

  • Its stand out visibility scares lawbreakers
  • Can cover longer distances over 40ft
infared camera

Infrared Night vision CCTV camera

IR night vision cameras can record footage at pitch-black conditions (Absolute darkness). IR LEDs Surrounding the lens illuminates dark surfaces and take the IR Reflections on objects to generate video.
These videos are black and white in nature. These cameras are priced quite high compared to day & night CCTV Cameras.

Benefits of IR Night vision CCTV installation

  • They also provide clear images during daytime even in the presence of dust, smoke and fog
  • Installed in places where solid recording is needed 24/7
    Ex: banks
cctv bullet camera

Bullet CCTV Camera

These cylindrical-shaped cameras are known for long-distance viewing. Covered by protective case, It is also resistant to water, dust and dirt.
This makes it ideal for outdoor use.
It comes with fixed or varifocal lens following your requirement. You can adjust lens focus for broader and narrower field view.

Benefits of Bullet CCTV installation

  • Long-range surveillance (40ft)
  • IR night vision
  • Easy to install and affordable
hd cctv camera

HD CCTV Camera

Prominently known for their picture quality, HD CCTV cameras can deliver clean & crisp footages from 720p to 4K resolution.
CCTV companies have installed HD cameras in all Dubai banks for greater safety.

Benefits of HD CCTV installation

  • Accurate recognition can be possible hence installed at the places prone to high risk of theft or crime. Ex: Banks & Casinos
ptz cctv camera

Pan Tilt & Zoom (PTZ) CCTV Camera

The camera can move left or right (Pan), Up or down (Tilt) and can be Zoomed in and out. Hence the name PTZ camera.
This surveillance system is live monitored by a security person.

Benefits of PTZ CCTV installation

  • 360-degree field view and better zooming
  • Used in places like stadiums, supermarkets & warehouses to protect valuable things
    [Do you know: Almost all CCTV installed in Dubai museums are PTZ Cameras]
ip camera

Network/IP CCTV Camera

IP cameras are the trending and the most preferred cameras by CCTV installation companies in Dubai. They use NVR instead of DVR like in analog cameras.
NVR stores and sends footages over the network to view from anywhere across the world.
IP cameras are costlier than analog cameras due to their wide range of benefits.

Benefits of IP CCTV installation

  • Footage can be viewed from anywhere across the globe while you have a network connection
  • Advanced features like facial detection, number plate recognition & Audio-video recording
  • Easy to set up and low maintenance
  • Helpful for owners who often stay away from the site
wireless cctv camera

Wireless CCTV camera

They are usually IP Cameras, Here the captured recording is processed in the camera itself and stored in NVR or Cloud.
These footages will be available for remote viewing.

Benefits of Wireless CCTV installation

  • Blends into different areas of installation. Gives tidy and premium look for positioned areas
  • Easy setup and low maintenance
  • Can be installed in the areas which need spotless and clean presentation like star hotels