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CCTV Installation In Sharjah For Retail

CCTV Installation in Sharjah, In retail stores, we regularly deal with a lot of products or transactions. Theft has become a major concern, especially in this domain. These are numerous benefits of installing CCTV in retail stores compared to any other businesses

CCTV cameras are helpful in loss prevention:
Our HD cameras always keep an eye on internal theft. With night vision technology, your store is safe even when it is closed.

Improve staff and management:
Analyzing the footages can help you keep track of customer activity. You can pinpoint the time when the customer volume is high and when the customer volume is low. This helps improvise staffing and provide proper service to the customers.

Improves performance:
With regular background checks on employees about how they are handling the customers, we can improvise customer satisfaction and employees performance.

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CCTV installation for retail
CCTV installation for residence

CCTV Installation In Sharjah For Residence

We always think ahead of everything in a matter of protecting our family. Installing Security cameras in residence is plays a huge role in keeping our family safe. Investing in CCTV is crucial to protect ourselves and our belongings from Home burglars or thieves.
Our wide range of security cameras now offers HD Recording, Facial recognition, Night vision and much more. With these features on your side, there is no way the deeds of intruders go unnoticed.
Now with our advanced cameras, it has become easier to monitor your residence with the help of mobile while you are on outstation.

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CCTV Installation In Sharjah For Office

Protect your office and employees with a complete and professional grade surveillance system that brings your entire office on the tip of your hands. Although the office may not need a camera for the same reasons that a home would, there are still plenty of risks involved.
With access to the footages on mobile, it’s now easy to keep an eye on what’s going on in and around your office from any place. This puts you in a better position to control the circumstances.

Benefits of CCTV for Office

Client and Employee protection:
For a healthy business, we all know how important our employees and clients protection is. Installing a CCTV in your office premises is a great way to safeguard your people and their belongings.

Theft prevention:
Many cases have been reported about the theft in an office by intruders as well as office staffs. It’s always good to trust the office security and the staffs but for the matter of safety, we can easily deal with these problems by installing a security camera inside office, lobby and reception.

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CCTV installation for office
CCTV Central monitoring

CCTV Installation In Sharjah For Central Monitoring

Central monitoring system is a system in which all the cameras at multiple Location can be operated from a single place (central hub). With CMS you can view, control, Receive alerts and notifications from any camera of your choice.

Main features:

  • Video monitoring of unlimited cameras from various regions
  • High-quality recording at local branch and rendering to a central hub with low bandwidth
  • Grouping and operating are easy. Recordings are classified based on Branch, city, state, country and information sensitivity.
  • Wide range of alerts like Email, SMS, Sound and video alerts are executed as per instructions.
  • Video analytics alerts – Alerts for Camera vandalization, Missing objects, Suspicious activity & Perimeter violation.
  • Alarm and Device status are reported frequently like hourly basis to monthly basis.


  • All cameras can be monitored with one video management software
  • Unlimited cameras situated at any locations can be live monitored
  • Video categorization, Advanced video analytics and notifications help to operate the surveillance system easily and effectively

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